In collaboration with Ruby Douglass and Ben Sanderson.

Going full-frontal for Duolingo -
the PILLOW TALK campaign seeks to make language learning a part of everyday life for 16-22 year olds.

D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil winner 2021. With 40% of young people put off from learning a language due to the difficulty of remembering vocabulary, it was clear that there needed to be an easier way to approach learning. It turns out, if you listen to new vocabulary in your sleep you are less likely to forget it the next day. So, why not let Duo give you a night to remember?

The Pillow Talk campaign brings Duo back to his nocturnal side, letting him do the work while you lay back and relax. New audio content for while you sleep will be available through the Duolingo app, recapping vocabulary from lessons earlier on in the day. Playful bedroom talk lightens up the campaign, showing young people that language learning isn't so hard.


Just the two of us - Duo takes control of the campaign. Every piece of copy has intimacy in mind, embracing bedroom talk as a way to make languages more approachable.


Helping to consolidate what we learnt in our lessons, each audio-led 'PillowTalk' is designed to really get the vocab flowing.


Thriving in its shareability, the campaign pushes the brand limits with outlandish social media takeovers, ensuring everyone gets to spend some quality time with Duo.