Full visual identity and motion.

A Little Birdie told me – tropical cinema events are an experience like no other, inspired by the urban myth around the parakeets of London.

Take a walk around Greater London and you may stumble upon these bright green, tropical birds, native to Africa and Asia, that seem so out of place among the grey concrete. The mystery of their habitation in the UK has been greatly debated, but perhaps the prevailing myth is that they escaped from a 1950s-film set and have flourished out in the wild ever since.

Little Birdie bases its brand and experience on this well-loved legend, hosting pop-up cinema events in and around the areas their sighted. Inspired by the hearsay of their origins, the events take on an element of secrecy - the phrase 'a little birdie told me' is at the core of the brand. From playful copywriting to vivid colours, the birds are the star of the show.


Influenced by 1950s film posters, the type is bold and eclectic. Colours are vivid, used in both solid and gradient variants, derived from the bird's feathers.


A collage aesthetic modernises the visuals of 1950s film posters, bringing together graphic and photographic elements to represent the unexpected presence of the birds.


The 'take-over' nature of the brand is emphasised through stickers, part of collages and more ambient advertising, leaving their mark on areas like the birds themselves.


The sticker motif extends as a way to conceal and reveal information, used on social media to tease locations and more in the run-up to an event until, eventually, the secret is out.


Adding to the excitement, tickets can be bought before knowing all the details. The tickets themselves take on a vintage aesthetic, modernised with the birdie green.


Use of language throughout the identity is playful, with bird-related phrases creating an even more immersive experience.