Full visual identity and motion

Part of The Thames, changing with the tide - no.1 the thames is an exclusive hotel in an even more exclusive location, 500m offshore.

Inspired by the hotel's location and its relationship with the tide, The Thames becomes an integral part of the identity, leaving its mark on the building and the assets themselves. From an earthy colour palette to fluid watercolour patterns, No.1 The Thames celebrates the beauty in the tide marks that stain its walls.

Evolving and changing like the water itself, the identity never becomes stagnant, and themes of time and verticality come through in many of the touchpoints. Surrounded by water at high-tide, the isolation creates full immersivity for guests, shaping an exclusive and premium experience that stays with those who visit.


Changing like the water itself, the logo lives in motion to provide an infinite amount of variations. Muddy colours depict the tide marks while capturing The Thames at large.


Watercolour patterns depict the layering of tide marks, fluidly growing darker as one scrolls, visualising tide stains becoming more extreme at the base of the building.


The brand patterns seamlessly integrate into the interiors, applied across fabrics, and with wavy indentations on bathroom walls.


A sense of verticality is present across the brand, linking to the measurement of water levels. Tide gauges inspire many assets, from wayfinding to business cards and key cards.


Links to the tide are subtle and thoughtful, with the words 'in' and 'out' for door signs and associations to time across the menus.


The identity is constantly evolving, including on social platforms, changing in a rhythmic way. From profile pictures to feeds, colour and type moves and transforms over time.