Elements include copywriting, motion and photography.

Telling students to post it - the Worries Out The Window campaign seeks to create a conversation about the growing mental health crisis.

As university campuses across the country face periods of lockdown and Coronavirus restrictions, students are displaying post-it note signs in their windows as a form of protest and communication. Worries Out The Window is a campaign that aims to address the issue of student mental health, which has only been accelerated by the pandemic.

A collaboration between Student Minds and Post-It, a custom typeface made out of physical post-it notes - Post-it Display - is a way to amplify student voices. Young people can interact with the typeface and create a custom template for social media via the Student Minds website, where they are encouraged to 'post it' to show one another they are not alone.


Imagery of the post-it signs students placed in their accommodation windows, sourced from The Telegraph, The Guardian and BBC.


Made out of physical post-it notes in the iconic yellow colour, the typeface embraces imperfections to become a digital portrayal of post-it note window signs.


Individual windows with united stories - photography communicates in a powerful way. Although the windows and type differs in each, the messages resonate with many.


Placing posters on university campuses will reach those who need it. Students can then engage with the campaign on social media through templates or their own photos.


Special edition post-it notes will be given out to students during Freshers Week, bringing together the digital typeface with its physical counterpart, to then use in their windows.